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Our warehouses nationwide are stuck with materials ready to deliver the next day

Welcome To Flooringking

“Looking for high-quality flooring at unbeatable prices? Look no further than Flooring King, one of the largest flooring companies worldwide. With 25 years of experience, we specialize in selling and installing a wide range of flooring options including laminate, vinyl, tile, and hardwood. Our commitment to the community is evident as we provide free flooring to those in need. By buying directly from the manufacturer and selling directly to consumers, we eliminate the middleman and pass on the savings to you, perfect for those on a budget. Plus, our flooring is waterproof, ensuring durability and longevity. Don’t compromise on quality or price – call Flooring King today and let us beat anyone’s price worldwide!”.

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Who we are

Who is Flooring King™?

Flooring King™ is one of the largest closeout distributors and liquidators of laminate and vinyl flooring in the world. We provide customers with flooring at wholesale / liquidation prices. We have been successful in the liquidation business for over 25 years, and have sold more than 100,000 containers of laminated wood, and vinyl flooring. Our warehouses are always fully stocked with primary brand name quality flooring, including top European brands. We are however proud to say that our manufacturing and distribution is in the USA. At Flooring King™ there is a huge variety of options available to choose from in stock.

How it all came together.

Antonio Sustiel, CEO of Flooring King’s™ mission has always been about helping the communities, while providing affordable high quality flooring wherever it is needed around the world. Antonio has partnered with Habitat for Humanity to supply the organizations needed for its Nationwide projects. He also works closely with families who are not able to afford the flooring needed for their homes. Antonio Sustiel has appeared on CNBC Blue Collar Millionaires in 2017, as well as The American Dream in August of 2019. His goal is to educate the future generations on how to try and use recyclable materials for flooring, in order to save the environment and preserve nature. Antonio is now working on opening up another 150 stores nationwide in order to provide more communities with flooring at low prices.

Flooring King™ Provides

Do it yourself laminate wood flooring.

  • For as low as $1.25 per square feet
  • Or purchase by the pallet for as low as 39¢,49¢, or 59¢ per square feet depending on the selection you choose.

Do it yourself vinyl flooring.

  • Starting at ONLY $1.99 per square feet
  • Packages for as low as $1.99 per square feet

Do it yourself porcelain flooring.

  • Starting at ONLY $3.19 per square feet

Do it yourself tile flooring.

  • Starting at ONLY $2.09 per square feet

Need Installation?

  • No problem, our installations include: flooring, padding, and furniture, molding, carpet removal.
  • Offering next day installations.

Warranty on Installation

Now Serving

We are now serving Miami Dade, Broward County, Palm Beach, and all over the world. We also sell and deliver nationwide.

We are thankful for every single customer, and we always try to provide the best quality customer service to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Please come and see for yourself why we are the top wood floor liquidators in the business with thousands of happy customers.

Call our customer service line today and give us a shot at matching or beating print ad prices. Don’t be shy! Our prices are unbeatable, guaranteed!

Call Flooring King™ today at (954) 253-7095

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